Decorating When You're Starting Out or Starting Over

You’ve finally reached this point in your life- you’ve bought your first home, moved into your very own apartment, moved out of the dorm room or you’re finally downsizing after all of your kids have left the nest.

What do you like?

First things first, find out what you like. What makes you, you? More often than not we find that people have been stuck in places where others have called the shots, you didn’t own the apartment/condo/house or your kids really dictated what you did and didn’t furnish your home with... cough, white couch, cough. Now it’s your time to shine. Take a walk, find out what colors speak to you. Pick up a few magazines and see if you really identify with a particular style. Head over to Pinterest and create a board filled with things you’d want in your new space.

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If you’re the kind of person who needs to see it all in person then head over to your closest Mor Furniture for Less and check out the way we lay out rooms. We strategically put together rooms for you with full sets of furniture. This way you don’t have to imagine what a finished room will look like.

Sketch out your floor plan

Now that you’re the one calling all of the shots you can layout the room just the way you like it. Take the time to sketch it out, come up with a few ideas and keep the extras in your back pocket so you can give the room a refresh in a few months. If you’re the kind of person who needs to physically see how things layout then put those moving boxes to good use and place them around the room as furniture.

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If moving boxes sounds like too much work and your artist skills aren’t exactly up to par there are many different room builders and planners online. All you do is upload an image of the room and start planning!

Choose your color palette

Your color palette can come from a variety of inspiration. There are designers out there who say to take that inspiration from your floor color, others say to use a piece of art, but one of the best ways to create the perfect space for you is to use an item that you truly love. It could be anything from a favorite outfit you wear to a rug. Once your color palette is chosen work backward adding in neutrals to break up the bolder colors. Save the bright colors for the accent pieces, this way if you decide to change things up in a few years you’re not totally locked in.